Grow Your Business With Loyal2Community

December 2016 Loyal2Community launched on Facebook as a Members only Group Page.  Promoting the goods and services of small, local, and family-owned businesses in Illinois.

Since then, we have become THE on-line small business listing for consumers.

A member of several Chambers of Commerce, as well as the GOA.  We are on over 130 social media sites, sponsored  walks, school events, fishing derbies, golf outings.  Have done and will continue to do Expo and Vendor events.  Having advertised with Park Districts, on t-shirts, in print, sport schedules, and are on other business websites, reaching thousands daily.

Generate More Revenue & Find Your Repeat Customers

Created on the notion that by bringing individually owned businesses together with people in its community, offering discounts for shopping, businesses generate more revenue and retain repeat customers: people save money, and everyone wins.
Building relationships with your customers and helping small businesses stay in business, is what were all about!  From our website to our App and QR codes, we are dedicated to building a strong foundation that will get your business name out there.

How It Works

Your business pre-sets a discount amount that doesn’t change for a year. You display our logo in your store front and every time someone tells you they‘re a L2member, you provide them with the advertised discount amount.

I believe that with unity, strength and support, communities can thrive more when we come together and support one another. Our members have spoken and they want to spend their money supporting the small business owner like you! 

But there’s more………..thinking outside the box is what we like to do.  Contact us and we’ll tell you more about how were doing this and what are future plans are.


Join Us & Expand Your Business Today

At Loyal2Community we’d love to have your business join us.  With your membership dollars for advertisement and our logo, it tells the community “we hear you!”  It’s what makes you stand out from everyone else and our members are ready to respond!

We hope that you will join us to help make our community strong. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.